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A Camera-less Post about Cupcake August 2, 2010

My camera just stopped working a little over a week ago so I haven’t been able to take photos of my wedding crafts. Let me assure you, there’s been a lot, all involving ribbon. My new camera is supposed to arrive today so look out for new posts including lots of photos in the near future.

In the mean time, I’ll tell you about my cake. We wanted (well, more like I wanted) to serve cupcakes in place of a wedding cake. There’s no worry about slicing it, plating it is simple, and they look adorable. One of the biggest perks that we found when looking into cupcakes was the cost. Traditional cakes seem to run about $3-4.50 per person, whereas cupcakes are usually about $1-2 each. We went with a marble cupcake with chocolate ganache filling for $1.50 each.

Another surprise I found was that there weren’t significant savings at the grocery store bakery. The first place we tried was an upscale grocery store. They didn’t ask us anything about the wedding, they had very few flavor options, a big delivery charge, no cake stands (which would have meant we’d have to buy one,) the portion sizes were either huge or tiny (nothing in between,) and the prices were rather high. I definitely didn’t feel like we were in the right place while we were talking to the woman there.

We tried out an independent bakery and knew right away that it was the right place. As soon as we said we were looking for a wedding cake, the woman asked us pertinent questions and was able to make recommendations. Their cupcakes were a decent size and there were plenty of flavor possibilities. On top of that, the delivery charge is only $10 and they’ll provide a cupcake stand to borrow free of charge. This all adds up to big savings for us, a minimum of $120 actually.

We’re also getting an 8″ cutting cake in the same flavor; it’s a compromise because my future MIL isn’t a fan of the cupcake idea, plus we’ll have space for the homemade topper from a past blog entry and we can get some nice cake-cutting photos. That cake with ganache filling only costs $20. Our quote (for 120 cupcakes, more than we’ll need) came to $210. I was expecting cakes to run closer to $400 so I’m very pleased with this.

Moral of the story is to shop around. Explain what you want, listen to what they can do, get a quote, and choose the bakery you feel confident with. Also, don’t feel that you have to have a traditional cake. Untraditional cakes are cheaper and will be a bigger surprise to the guests. You can make a big visual impact without paying hundreds of dollars for glue-flavored fondant. Also, I’ve got to give a big shout-out to Vesta Bakery. The staff there is amazing, their work is delicious, and I am sooo glad that they are making our wedding cupcakes.