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If I Had a Flower Girl, I’d Already Be Set April 20, 2010

I found an adorable flower girl gift! I don’t have a flower girl and I don’t intend to get one though, I just figured I’d share this cuteness with you. It’s plush petit fours!

Plush petit fours from the MoMA Store

They’re ideal for little tea parties, you know they beat the crap out of plastic play tea party food. Plus it’s from the Museum of Modern Art’s store, so it helps support the museum. What’s not to love about that? They have plenty of unique ideas for attendant gifts: how about some fingerprint cufflinks, blue sky umbrella, or unique jewelry?

When I was a flower girl, I was given a ring with my birthstone in it. It was pretty and I treated it like it was worth a million dollars, but it didn’t fit for long (I thought I was pretty cool wearing it as a pinky ring in middle school. I was not.) I also couldn’t wear it much since I’d just lose it. If you’re going to get the kid something that won’t last long anyway, why not something they’ll play with? They may not keep their petit fours forever; I intend to keep my teeny tiny ring forever. I guess that’s the difference.

I was really big on tea parties when I was little so that would have been my dream toy (is it just me or has this become Childhood Dreams Week? Sorry about that.) I’m going to sound a tad insane or like I’ve got a touch of the hoarding fever, but I actually bought this to save for when I have kids in case I can’t find something so awesome in a couple of years. Yep. I admitted it. Feels good to get it off my chest. I ran it by my fiancĂ© to make sure he wouldn’t come across them in a box later and think I was nuts. He gave the OK and said I wasn’t crazy, and that’s how I know we’ll have an excellent marriage. Anyhoo, check out the MoMA Store for unique attendant gifts. Not cheap, but it puts the “quirky” in Cheap ‘n’ Quirky, so it counts for something.