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Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon, Part 1: Money Box August 9, 2010

If you love white satin, lace, beads, tassles, quilt batting, and treasure chests, then you can easily find the money box of your dreams for your wedding. However, if you’re like me, you’re looking for something simpler that allows for customizable colors, feast your eyes on my DIY money box:

My DIY ribbon money box

Not only do I think it’s prettier than the money boxes I’ve seen in stores, it was cheap! The box was $14.99, and the ribbon was $1.99 and $0.47 for the rolls of the wide and thin ribbon, respectively. Approximately $17.50 definitely beats the $44 for which the puffy white treasure chests are going.

This is the first of my many DIY ribbon projects that I’ve been doing for this wedding, the photos of the others will follow soon. Ribbon is practically our wedding theme now. It’s pretty, it can be reasonably inexpensive, and it comes in a plethora of colors (so you can match it to your wedding color palette.)

Here’s how I did it (and how you can do it too!) I used one cardboard craft box (tips on choosing one can be found below,) two styles of ribbon (one thick and one thin, in different shades of green), a hot glue gun, and an Exacto knife.

I got an oval-shaped cardboard box from Michaels. They have a wide variety of shapes and sizes and they typically come in ivory or the traditional cardboard brown color. Make sure it’s a big box because one ill-placed card can take up a lot of space (they don’t all fall in perfect formation, unfortunately.) I went with ivory so that I wouldn’t have to decoupage or paint it, but these are options. Tissue paper could be torn into pieces, coated with hodge-podge glue, and attached to the box to give it any color you wish.

Once the box is the color you like, you must make a hole in the lid that can accommodate standard card envelopes. Use a few of your engagement and bridal shower cards, as well as a standard letter envelope, to test the size. Make sure the hole will be wide enough to accept a fat envelope (have you seen some of those cards in the card store with all kinds of pretty things attached to the front? Those envelopes aren’t thin.) Mark your desired hole size with a pencil, then take an Exacto knife and cut it out. Push your knife in from the top of the box lid instead of the bottom. In case the paper covering the outside of the box rips, it will be hidden on the inside of the box.

Now to the bow. For this, I cut one piece each of the two styles of ribbon I wanted to use in the same length as the circumference of the lid. I used hot glue to place a few beads of glue on the wider piece of ribbon, then placed it around the lid, trying to center it. I recommend placing the ends of the ribbon on what will be the back of your box (so that no one will see it.) Once that was glued down, I did the same thing with the thinner piece of ribbon but glued it on top of the wider ribbon that had been previously glued down.

The bow is optional; the box looks pretty sleek without it, but the bow is the way to go if you want cute and sweet for your decor. I cut a piece of ribbon from each of the ribbon styles I wanted to use (the length will depend on how big you want the bow to be, you can figure it out before cutting by tying a bow with ribbon that is still attached to the spool.) Place the thinner ribbon in the center of the thicker ribbon, then carefully tie a bow. You can ensure that the thinner ribbon will stay centered by gluing it in place in the middle of the thicker ribbon before tying the bow. When your bow is done, glue the bow in the center of the ribbon that encircles the box.

There you go, there’s the money box. If you have any questions or any suggestions for variations/improvements to this, share them in the comments. Stay tuned for more ribbon wedding crafts in the very near future!