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Pin Smart February 28, 2013

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I wish Pinterest had been around when I was planning my wedding. I feel like I’m going to need to renew my vows in a couple of years to try out all of the beautiful DIY centerpieces and fun photo ideas that I’ve seen since joining the site. Pinning your dream wedding is tempting when you’re single, helpful while planning, and just kind of sad when you’re already happily married (damn it, why did I have to marry the right guy on the first try?) So if you’re pinning your dream wedding, here are a few warnings from someone whose wedding is behind her.

One tip for dealing with Pinterest while planning a wedding is to try out pinned projects before the big day. Have you ever seen Pintrosity? Many Pinterest don’t work out. Actually, they fail miserably. Before you commit to including a DIY project in your wedding preparation, make sure it’s something you can do then work out the bugs in the instructions (or, with some pins, the lack thereof.) You may have noticed from past blog posts that I did a practice run on many things that I didn’t even end up including in my wedding, like when I tried DIY floral arrangement (it seems like a great idea, but there’s a whole bunch of warnings I could give you about trying that one on your own!) Though I did my own hair for the big day, I practiced that hairdo nearly every weekend for months. Plus, have you ever tried a hairstyle you saw on Pinterest? They rarely turn out. You have to test them waaaaaay before you plan to wear a style outside of the house. A few months in advance, try the planned projects.

Because of the post-wedding let-down many newly married people experience, I suggest making a separate Pinterest account for wedding planning. If you’re following a lot of wedding-centric pinners, you’ll be bombarded with images of spectacular wedding ideas after your nuptials – ideas you could have used if only you’d known about them! You’ll drive yourself crazy if you see tons of brilliant wedding ideas after you can no longer use them. If you don’t have a separate Pinterest account for wedding planning, consider unfollowing wedding-focused pinners after the big day.

Be critical of some of those wedding photo shoot ideas. Those boudoir wedding-day shots? Where are you going to display that photo? Is that something you want your nosey mother-in-law to spot when she’s visiting? Sure, it’s not too racy, but think about whether you really need the added cost and whether you can budget the time for boudoir photos. How about those photos of the wedding party sitting in a movie theater/wearing mustaches/swapping accessories? What are you going to do with that photo? Does it have anything to do with your wedding? Still, they’re more fun than photos of sad-looking bridesmaids staring off into the distance, trying to appear dramatic. Think about how you want to remember the day, not what’s trendy.

I feel like I say this a lot, but it’s so important not to let the wedding industry make your day (or your budget) seem inadequate. Your guests were invited because you love them (or in a couple of cases, you’re forced to invite them) and they’re attending because they love you (or in a couple of cases, they feel obligated.) It’s a day about love and beginning a new chapter of life together. Your guests should love you enough to want you to start your new chapter without wedding debt. I’m typing this out because I think it’s important to not get lost in the Pinterest dream wedding. The pins with links to money-saving ideas and DIY projects are great, but those extravagant photos are just as dangerous as the flashy wedding magazines. Wisteria-covered walkways are pretty, but expensive. Just because it’s on Pinterest doesn’t mean you need it, stick to what you can afford. With all of the other tips you find on Pinterest, you can make your venue beautiful without hiring a team of florists to build a tunnel of flowers. There’s nothing wrong with getting some inspiration, but there’s definitely something wrong with blowing your budget.

Happy pinning!