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I Dislike Tiny Clutches June 8, 2010

Since I dislike tiny clutches, I’ve been pretty concerned about finding a handbag for the wedding. I want something big enough to carry extra makeup, band-aids, lipstick, tissues, and everything. I realize there isn’t much I should have to carry on the big day, but I go nuts without having everything that I carry daily in one of my giant purses (they bridge on duffle bags.) So what did I do? I made my own giant clutch.

It’s by no means professional; it’s the first handbag I’ve ever even attempted. I used leftover materials from other projects: a sheet of children’s craft foam, an old white t-shirt to cover the bright green foam, the extra ivory voile material from the Martha Stewart flowers I made, as well as the flowers themselves (Emily, the amazing woman altering my dress, has made flowers for my dress and hair out of the excess dress material so I had to find a use for my flowers.)

The foam sheet I used for the purse, it was made of one big folded piece and 2 small side pieces

I would include instructions, but I really went into this blind. I took some photos to show how I constructed the form out of the foam. In retrospect, I would recommend going with a boxier shape and making a pattern for a tighter fit.

Stitching the big piece around the little side piece

The side pieces were 5″ by 2″ and I rounded the bottoms. The big piece is 16.5″ by 9.5″ and I wrapped it around the little pieces on either side. The nice thing about the foam is that you can stitch it with a darning needle so you can sew the pieces together into shape.

Sewing the foam

The basic shape of the clutch (just have to fold the top over)

Another retrospective recommendation is that you sew the lining onto the foam. I didn’t and now my clutch is unlined. At this point, it’s too ridiculous to try and add one (I’ve already attached the outer material to the foam and the flowers to the foam.) No one will be seeing the inside anyway. I pretty much cut the material around the foam clutch as I sewed. Not recommended. That’s why I suggest a more square shape and a pattern.

Sewing the material around the foam

Once I got all of that on, I sewed my flowers on! Flowers on stuff is so in right now.

Flowers on my clutch

And here’s the back. Right now I have it closing with velcro, but it’s not a satisfying solution.

The back of the clutch. It's still a work in progress.

So now I have a clutch that is 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 2″. Looks like it will fit my makeup, tissues, band-aids, camera, phone, eye drops, and more than I actually need on the big day. The moral of the story is if you can’t find something that fits your needs, put on your creative hat and make something that does. Plus I get to brag about how I made it.