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Update on the Hula Hooping May 26, 2010

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This weekend was absolutely gorgeous so I got outside walking and hula-hooping as much as possible. I’ve been hoping the hula hoop is the answer to my prayers for toned muscles, but sadly I have yet to feel the burn. I did it for about 45 minutes; I think I might have gotten a slight back workout.

My sisters (and bridesmaids) enjoying the weather and the hula hoop.

In the above photo, you’ll see my sister hula hooping (and my other sister reading.) We put on tube tops and got out in the sun with our hula hoop to get a free workout and tan. Yes, I know in this day and age there’s no excuse to expose yourself to sun damage, but it was the first real taste of summer, we needed this. Plus, to fit with the “cheap” part, this sun damage was free!

All in all, it was a productive afternoon. I multi-tasked: I burned some calories, and I texted at the same time:

The lighting was awful under this tree, but I was texting and hula hooping.

I’m going to keep trying the hula hoop. For now my verdict is that I don’t feel like I’m getting a great workout but I am having a lot of fun. Plus the neighborhood cats enjoy watching us do it, like our little ginger friend Marchelo:

Our neighbor's cat supervising the hula hooping.


Step 1: Hula. Step 2: Feel the burn. May 12, 2010

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Summer is approaching and everyone is trying to get into shape. Not just for the beach anymore, toned muscles are much sought-after to sit nicely under wedding dresses (or any dress, for that matter.) Everyone is in a sudden rush to get into shape. I have a few friends going to a gym, my MOH is doing the P90X workout, I’m walking with anyone who will walk with me, and my sister is HULA HOOPING!

I love this idea! I mooched her adult-sized hula hoop and gave it a spin in the backyard, it was buckets of fun. I hear there are classes where everyone hula hoops to get a good workout; I didn’t really feel the burn, but I was also sharing the hoop with my 2 sisters so maybe I didn’t do it for long enough. It was amazingly fun though. I found some instructions on how to make some here, and there are instructions on how to make it heavier for more of a workout. I don’t know if you’d end up with visibly toned muscles, but I’ll bet it burns a lot of calories if you need to shrink to fit a dress that’s a size too small. It’s supposed to work well to tone abdominal muscles. Plus, it’s both a cheap and quirky workout. The quirkier the workout, the longer it can keep my attention. It works really well if you have someone to talk to while doing the hula to keep you entertained, so I’m very tempted to start a hula hoop troupe.

Hula hoop illustration from Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn

Well, I need to tone my upper back and arms, so I’m back to the drawing board for my workouts. I’m big on the cheap part of Cheap ‘n’ Quirky, so I’m looking for budget-conscious way to get toned. Water bottles or cans of soup can make super-cheap light weights. While on a walk recently, I discovered a nearby park has exercise equipment for working your arms. I’m pretty excited about this, I can go walking by a lake and work everything out. Let’s see if I can get my MOH to ditch P90X for an evening and go walking in the park with me. There are plenty of suggestions online about how to use jungle gyms to work out if you’ve got a playground nearby.

In further workout quirkiness, I find my best motivation to tone muscles comes from Dancing with the Stars. Those professional dancers are sooo toned and muscular. I’m a heterosexual female but they can make me drool. I start exercising in front of the TV every time it’s on.

Are you getting any workout inspiration from strange places? Anyone trying out hula hooping? Share your cheap and quirky workout tips in the comments section.