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The Biggest Bridal Shower Ever April 11, 2010

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OK, somewhere in the world there was probably a bigger bridal shower, but this one was pretty massive. My gorgeous coworker, let’s just call her J, is getting married this June and having a HUGE wedding (she’s inviting 400 people!) When you invite 400 people, it’s only natural that your bridal shower will have no less than 150 people. This makes her shower bigger than my wedding.

I just got home from her shower and it was beautiful. J was stunning in a white cocktail dress that could make a gorgeous wedding dress for a small affair. It was at a banquet hall and we were fed a delicious four course meal. There were so many raffle prizes, games, and everyone was given a bottle of wine as a parting gift. There were beautiful floral arrangements (made by the bridesmaids, I love that they were DIY!), helium-filled balloons, a head table swathed in a bright tablecloth, and a huuuuuuge dessert buffet table in the centre of the hall that was arranged so beautifully that it could have been part of the decor.

And uh…. well, her shower was bigger than my wedding will be. I get the impression that my coworkers are all expecting to be invited to my wedding even though it’s a 10-hour drive (or a 2 hour flight) and I won’t be working with them after the wedding because I plan to move to my fiancĂ©’s town. My wedding will be nothing like J’s wedding but, inevitably, they’ll be compared. It’s times like these that I question my cheap and quirky mindset. My coworkers are great people and if my wedding were in my hometown I wouldn’t question inviting them. Not only do they add to my ever-growing guest list, but I would also feel like I have to do a bit more to impress them because of J’s wedding being only 2 months before me.

I think I just need someone to tell me it’s ok not to blow everyone out of the water with an expensive wedding (or bridal shower.) The seed of doubt has been planted.

Side note: J’s wedding party has 21 people. 21. I feel like the 8 at mine is more than enough, but I guess the 9 bridesmaids were all working hard at this shower, so a wedding this big requires that much womanpower.