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Congratulations, Coworkers May 13, 2010

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I’m starting to believe engagement is a contagious disease. Maybe it’s just because I’m in an office of mainly young, publishing professionals with steady jobs, but everyone has been getting engaged recently. At this point, I should extend my congratulations to one of the sales reps I work closely with, she just got engaged over the weekend. Nice one, CC.

This brings our office’s total to eight engaged staffers, plus three who got married within the past year. We run the gamut from a gigantic dream wedding with 400 guests to a tiny, intimate gathering at a cottage that’s been in the family for generations. It’s great in that there’s always someone to discuss weddings with who won’t get tired of discussing weddings because he or she is going through the same thing. As I mentioned in a previous post, some of the other brides have emailed links to wedding contests to the rest of us. We look out for one another.

Speaking of all the engaged people, BB, my engaged coworker who sits in the cubicle across from mine, says that when he overhears the engaged women of the office on the phone discussing wedding details, our tone changes. We suddenly go from pleasant to ball-busting. Heck, I thought I was pretty easy-going, but BB confirms even my tone went to all-business when I called to make an appointment to pick up my gown.

I don’t know if there’s something in the water or it’s just that everyone in my office is a fantastic catch, but I’m happy this is the year of the wedding at the office. It’s a lot more fun to be amongst people doing the same thing. So congratulations to all of my engaged and newly-married coworkers!

I wonder if we'll all get to dance down the aisle at my coworkers' weddings...