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I won’t quit my day job, but I think I show promise in flower arrangement March 16, 2010

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, as you can clearly tell, I didn’t until now. My birthday was a couple of months ago and my future in-laws sent me a huge bouquet. It was gorgeous, but when it came time to change the murky water, there was no way I could put the flowers back in as nicely as they had been before. I decided that I’d practice with a little single-flower design and segregate all of the carnations and alstroemerias to their own vases (which ended up being crystal glasses due to the size I desired.) I’m no pro, but I think they turned out pretty well, well enough that I have faith that I can make nice arrangements of all one flower for the wedding. If you look closely, I used a rubber band on the carnations. Clearly I’d use some florist’s wire for it in an actual bouquet or arrangement, but not bad for 10 minutes with no supplies, eh?

My little bunch of carnations

One carnation blooms fell off, so I tried it in a variety of shot glasses. Maybe not a great look, but I was experimenting:

The beheaded carnation lasted for about a week in there. Not too shabby.

And here’s all 3. I think with more work and attention to detail these would look pretty awesome.

Disregard the shabby elastic band, please

The alstroemeria bunch looked better in person than I could capture with my camera on my messy dining room table, but here it is:

Here's the alstroemeria bunch. It looked much cheerier in person.

Red isn’t my wedding colour, it just happened to be in my birthday bouquet of flowers. One part of being cheap is not wasting an opportunity to save money while still getting to practice arranging flowers, so I took it. I’m confident I can at least make my bouquet and those of the bridesmaids. Anyone else taking a stab at floral arrangement for your wedding? Any tips, tricks, inspiration?


What in Carnation? February 18, 2010

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An adorable assortment of carnation centerpieces.

Ah, the carnation. The word brings images of a cheap filler flower, surrounded by baby’s breath. I also remember doing a little trick with dying them using food colouring in the cut carnation’s water. It’s my birth month flower, actually. It wasn’t until I was researching flowers for my bouquet that I googled carnations and saw their rebirth as a hip, stand-alone flower. I highly recommend googling “carnation centerpiece” to any doubter.

Check out InStyle Weddings’ slideshow on possibilities for carnations. They look great en masse. What inspired me to write this blog post right away was finding an article on today, carnations are very current it seems. 

More importantly than the fact that they’re coming back into style is that they’re adorable. To me, a bunch of carnations in the same colour gives a similar feel to hydrangeas or peonies but at a much lower cost. Sticking to one colour makes them look so chic. They’re unexpected, they’re low-cost, they’re pretty, they’ll match most colour schemes, they’re perfect! Our wedding colours are green and white, and carnations come in lovely shades of both. I’m sold.

I had already planned to buy my flowers in bulk and make the bouquets myself (and with help from my crafty and talented bridesmaids, of course) and now I think I can further cut costs without compromising by using carnations instead of hydrangeas. They come in many colours, they’re nearly always in season, and I think these new takes on them makes them look phenomenal. I recently received a huge bouquet for my birthday (thanks future in-laws!) and when I had to trim the stems and add more water, I ended up dismantling the bouquet and making smaller arrangements of the same flowers, like carnations and alstromerias, and they looked good considering the minimal effort I put in. I’ll post the not-so high quality photos here soon. 

For now, I bid you goodnight and I hope you’ll take some time to google carnations. It’ll blow your mind.

Seriously, how cute are those carnations?

By the way, apparently even Carrie Bradshaw said carnations are making a comeback. Now you know you have to google them.