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Marriage to Glasses: A Love-Hate Relationship May 14, 2010

I took this photo when I wanted to show off my new glasses 2 years ago, but I had to do the over-the-glasses shot to avoid glare.

Oh glasses. I need them to see and they can be a cute accessory, so I love them for that. Unfortunately, they get dirty, they get foggy in the winter, they can create awkward photo angles, they can reflect a flash if they don’t have anti-reflective coating, they can get in the way of comfortable hugging, and they can look super-dated in old photos. I mean, think back to photos from the ’80s. Take the following, for example. Cute dress, dated glasses:

Classic outfits, dated glasses

Heck, I’m not above dated glasses. Check out these winners I sported in elementary school:

The glasses I picked out in the third grade. Yes, they're multicoloured plastic.

I actually just ordered some contacts today. I have very dry eyes so I can’t wear them on a regular basis, but I’m making an exception for the wedding (I’ll shove a bottle of eye drops in my bra if I have to.) I want my wedding photos to look as timeless as possible, so I’m going sans glasses. Plus I want big, fake eyelashes, which may brush against the glasses. I need to go for the contacts, but I realize that not everyone can wear contacts since I’m nearly in that boat myself. So what to do?

Offbeat Bride has an article with 2 options for wearing glasses at your wedding. You can get some really flashy glasses for your day. Funny how I found this the same day as I ordered contacts…

Planning a ’50s wedding? How cute do these brides look in their glasses?

'50s-style glasses at a '50s-style wedding

OMG HOW CUTE IS THIS ONE?! Their blog can be found here.

OMG how cute are these two? Check out their ceremony at

Classic glasses make for classic photos. That’s my best answer. Have you made any decisions about wearing glasses on the big day? Or even to other formal events? Are you wearing spectacles to any upcoming spectacles? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. The cheese just came out.)