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Cheap Flowers July 27, 2010

No one really talks about the cost of a wedding bouquet. Magazines don’t list the cost of the arrangements they feature, florists’ websites will only ask you to contact them for information about wedding flowers. Many wedding shows claim that the average price of a bridal bouquet is $120-160, but it all depends on the type of flower, size, etc. I’ll talk about the cost. Mine was $19.99.

I originally thought that I’d have to make my own bouquet to get this price, but then I thought about the stress of dealing with fresh flowers right before the wedding, plus how these flowers are going to be in tons of photos, so I decided I had to go with a professional. I went to Stop ‘n’ Shop, a local grocery store, and spoke with the floral manager. Some people might balk at the idea of getting wedding flowers from a grocery store, but she was very knowledgeable about what flowers would work best in bridal bouquets and my options. You can see examples of their work in their displays and they often have photos of arrangements they’ve done in the past.

As I mentioned in a past post, I planned to use carnations for my bouquet. They look beautiful and simple when bunched together, plus there’s a wide variety of colors. Best of all, they’re cheap and hardy. I wavered on my decision for a while and asked the florist about hydrangeas, but she told me that they’ll wilt within an hour or two of being out of water. This would look awful through the ceremony and photos. If you’re really set on them, she recommended using silk hydrangeas mixed in with fresh flowers. Instead, this cemented my decision to use carnations. They’re cheaper and they’ll last for ages out of water. They’ve become pretty trendy too, bunches of carnations are popping up online and in stores.

So for my hand-tied, 12-flower bouquet with greens around the outside, it came to $19.99. The bridesmaids’ bouquets, with 8 flowers, came to $14.99 each. The boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen, and the fathers, were $5.99 each, and the corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom were $7.99 each. All have just carnations and greens. That brings our grand total with tax to $147, right about the supposed average cost of a bridal bouquet.

So, to wrap up and give some advice, I say that you should definitely consider using a cheaper “filler” flower as your main flower as they can look gorgeous bunched together (have you seen a bouquet of all alstroemeria?) Think about going to a grocery store’s florist, especially if you’re going with a simple arrangement. Simple arrangements are in style, and they work out quite economically if the flower you choose an inexpensive one.

Carnation bouquets from a Wedding Bee gallery