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Registry Ideas April 2, 2010

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So the fiancĂ© and I started an online registry at Crate & Barrel that we’re super excited about, but I just discovered Fishs Eddy. So awesome! Very unique and/or vintage-looking glassware, dinnerware, serveware, etc. They’ve got a gift registry, but I guess my aunties might be a little shocked if I registered for some Strip Tea glasses… I think a few unique pieces from here could really complement the basics we’ve already registered for at other stores. Just think of what a conversation-starter this cat pitcher would be at future dinner parties you throw as a married couple in your love nest:

Cat pitcher from Fishs Eddy

Very classy cake stands going on. They’d make a great display for the cupcakes at the reception or a bunch of small cakes; perhaps the venue would even present a dessert table on them. Alas, I am too cheap to pay that much per stand for multiple stands. I’m sure a similar look could be achieved with some tough antique shopping… Well, this is if the cupcake bouquets don’t work out. Of course, we’d have some awesome cake stands for our house afterwards….