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Pretty Pretty Pretty Invitations May 19, 2012

Filed under: invitations — clln @ 3:13 am

Now that my wedding has passed and more of my friends are getting married, I find myself looking at wedding invitations in a whole new light. I scoff at the fancy overpriced ones, kick myself for not thinking of the cleverly worded ones, stare in amazement at creative ones, and question whether any invitation should ever need velcro on the overly ambitious ones. I feel like you can’t truly appreciate a wedding invitation until you’d made/chosen/produced/paid for a batch. That is why I’d like to present some pretty, pretty invitations to you.

Awesome invitation from Grace la merveille

These invitations from Grace la merveille on Etsy have made me kick myself for not thinking outside the box with layouts. They’re so clean yet rustic, clever yet simple, just gorgeous. And because they arrive as a PDF, you can still get your own creative flavor in them with the selection of paper and such. This program makes me wish I’d actually used programs (well, I have other reasons too, as will be outlined in a future blog, but those programs are so pretty.)

Full disclosure, the super talented lady who makes them is my cousin, but you can’t deny they’re beautiful invitations. No matter how closely related we are, I’m not putting in on the blog unless it’s awesome.


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