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Bride’s Guide to Wedding-Themed Holiday Gifts December 2, 2010

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Christmas is fast-approaching but you don’t have to forget about your recent (or upcoming) wedding while selecting gifts for your loved ones. If you’re feeling crafty you can give some unique keepsakes, or if you don’t have that kind of time on your hands, you can order personalized photo gifts online for personalized mementos.

Some examples of photo books.

One gift I’ve been considering for each set of parents is a photo book. These are not your parents’ photo albums, or are they your aunt’s scrapbook. These are constructed like a real book with the photos printed on each page. You can choose from different bindings and covers; some retailers even offer leather covers for the loved ones you really want to impress. Vistaprint offers many options in photo books with very reasonable prices. I highly recommend them as I had Vistaprint print my save-the-date postcards, plus Vistaprint offers double-sided pages, but Kodak, Walmart, and CVS also offer them. It would be really sweet to find photos from the wedding that would mean a lot to your parents or in-laws and compiling them in a book. Find photos featuring each set of parents, their families, their friends, and some of the most stunning shots of you and your groom and compile a personalized book.

Photo gifts have come a long way, but not everyone wants your smiling face blown up on a woven throw blanket. One cute idea for your new spouse or for a friend who recently got married is a photo ornament. This one from Walmart features your photo on the front and “Happy Holidays 2010” on the back, making it a cute memento of the year of your wedding and your first Christmas as a married couple.

Photo ornament from Walmart

Photo gifts don’t have to involve tons of advance planning or expense. If you have an awesome photo of your bridesmaids, you can stick it in a pretty frame for a quick yet touching present. Feeling extra crafty? Make it into a collage or a scrapbook format. If you have leftover ribbon, pressed flowers, or any other flat items from the big day, you could arrange it on a mat and frame that with the photo.

Speaking of self-framing projects, I’ve thought up something cute for your new spouse. Take your wedding vows, a special reading, or a meaningful speech from your wedding and make it look pretty in either Word, InDesign, or your favorite design program. Print it out on some nice paper and frame it to remind you of your commitment every time you see it. Frame it with a photo from the wedding if you want. I’m going to attempt this project (possibly for my first anniversary if I run out of time at Christmas) so keep your eyes peeled for a new blog on this.

Got any other great wedding-themed Christmas gifts? Share them in the comments section!


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