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Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon, Part 3: Ribbon Wands August 12, 2010

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Everyone has that image of the bride and groom leaving the church, being showered with confetti. The confetti gives this beautiful, magical, snow-like effect and looks lovely in photos. Of course, it also creates litter that is difficult to clean, so difficult that many venues will not allow you to use it (or face a fine if you do.) So how can you have a confetti-like effect, sans confetti?

Ribbon wands! Your guests can each shake a ribbon wand in the air as you exit your ceremony, creating the image of many streamers flying through the air.

These are super easy to make, it just requires a dowel, some ribbon, and hot glue. I took a very thin, 36″ long dowel (available in the craft section of Walmart) and cut it into three equal pieces of 12″ each. They can be cut with a saw, or even worn down with an Exacto knife or a strong pair of scissors. Take a 24″ (or whatever length you prefer) piece of ribbon, apply hot glue (or double-sided tape if you don’t do glue) to the end of the ribbon and wrap it around the dowel until the end of the ribbon is covered. And you’re done! Another variation involves tying the ribbon around the dowel, although I fear that it would fall off as your guests wave them.

You may also want to hold the end of the ribbon over a candle or use a ribbon-finishing glue to prevent the edge from fraying.

I used wide ribbons in sage green and ivory, and thin ribbons in moss green and ivory. I think the variety of colors will add to the confetti feel. Here is a photo of all of the variations I made for the wedding:

Ribbon wand variations

Other variations you can make include painting the dowel, attaching rhinestones to the ribbon or to the top of the dowel, or anything else your heart desires.

There are a few lessons I learned through this project that I should share (or warn you about.) You will go through TONS of ribbon. Even if you think you bought enough, buy more. I started out doing lots of wands with one wide ribbon and two thin ones per dowel, but my ribbon consumption was way too high, so most of them are just one wide ribbon or 2-3 thin ribbons per dowel. The more ribbons per dowel, the more stunning it is and the bigger effect it has. It’s a trade-off, you have to budget how much you’re willing to spend on ribbon. I’d seen some photos where the ribbon wands in a crowd looked sparse, but I’m also tired of making trips to Walmart to buy more ribbon. This leads me to my next lesson: stores don’t stock that much ribbon. We’ve bought every inch of sage green ribbon from our local Walmart and Michaels. We’ve also cleared Walmart out of the moss green and most of their ivory. Finding ribbon is now becoming a challenge. If you want to do this, do it early and stock up on ribbon! I found out the hard way that our local Walmart doesn’t replenish their ribbon section often.

Now I have to figure out how to present them to the guests. Left on each chair with a note to shake them at the end? Handed out with greetings and a quick word of instruction from the ushers? Left in a pretty vase? I’m concerned that people won’t grab one if they’re in a vase, and I want to make sure they’re all waving in the wind as I’m walking away from the altar. Have you tried this or seen it at another wedding? Share your presentation tips or variation ideas in the comments!


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