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Ikea, is there anything you can’t do? May 20, 2010

Centerpieces can get expensive. I’ve been looking at options, pricing it out, and I say dah-yum. I knew from the get-go that I wouldn’t go with a centerpiece made by a florist because of the cost, but outfitting 10 tables with something pretty can still add up to quite a chunk of change. So how about Ikea? Hear me out. They have more than self-assembled furniture.

One bride on Ikea Hacker created a centerpiece by using tall and short drinking glasses with candles inside and plumerias spread around. It’s low enough for guests to talk over, includes light, and you can sub in just about any flower (although I guess you’d have to make sure it wouldn’t wilt and shrivel without water.)

How about one of these lanterns (or a couple of the smaller version of the same lantern) with a block candle for a simple centerpiece?

Borrby lanterns from Ikea

They also have plenty of inexpensive candles and candle holders. If you want a candle plate, consider looking at their dinnerware. It’s cheap and there are plenty of colours available. Check out this green plate, for example:

Ikea Trivsam plate

I kind of want to find a way to use these pebbles, I’m totally feeling them. The bag of them is only $1.49.

Knaster pebbles from Ikea

A nice simple vase, some floating candles, and water would make an easy centerpiece as well. Apparently my FMIL has purchased a large amounts of square vases that I haven’t seen yet with hopes we’ll decide to use for the wedding, so this could be an option we’ll go with. Perhaps with a piece of bear grass wrapped within the vase, that’d look nice and spread our green theme.

My favorite part about Ikea centerpieces, aside from being cheap, is that your guests will be able to reuse them. The candleholders, glasses, vases, whatever you use, can be put to use in any home. Everyone will want to take it with them, any of those items would be far more useful than the oil lamp my parents brought home from another wedding. So go check out Ikea for some inspiration. Pffft, like you needed an excuse to go to Ikea. Have you seen any Ikea centerpieces? Thinking of trying one yourself? Have you come up with an ideal centerpiece from the Ikea website? Let me know in the comments section!


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