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My dress is here! April 28, 2010

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Finally! I ordered my dress back in November and I got the call last week that it was ready. I picked it up and I fell in love all over again! Sounds weird, but there are no photos of the Jayne Louis line online and you’re not allowed to take photos in the store so I might have sort of forgotten what it looks like. People must have thought I wasn’t excited when I gave them the warning that the dress might not actually look like I described and I didn’t have a photo. Hey, businesses are very protective of their designs, it wasn’t my choice to not take a photo.

On the plus side, the dress will be a surprise to people. Also, I got a pleasant surprise when I saw it again, it wasn’t as plain as I remembered, I was worried I’d have to do some major embellishing. It may not even need the fabric flowers after all, I’ll just use them in my hair.

While my blog is called Cheap ‘n’ Quirky (after my mantra for pretty much my entire life), this dress really wasn’t cheap or quirky. I failed. Buuuut I won at buying a dress I love. And it was $850, so cheaper than some dresses, but more than I intended to spend. Now for the alterations. Hopefully I can find a cheap ‘n’ talented tailor or seamstress.


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