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Back home! March 24, 2010

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I just got back from visiting my fiancé, that’s my excuse for the lack of posts. We had a pretty productive visit though: we bought our wedding bands, we tried out a centerpiece idea, got some moving information,  met with the man who will probably be our officiant, plus we attended his parents’ anniversary party, which was the whole point of the visit. It’s nice to get all of that out of the way, but we still have to book a DJ and a photographer! Eek! The photographer I fell in love with on The Knot is already booked so we’re back to square one. And we’re torn between getting a DJ with poor email grammar that’s about half the price of the others, or pay a whole lot of money for one that had a favourable recommendation from someone (who was probably getting a discount for her brother’s upcoming wedding with him?) Decisions, decisions. I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom in the comments section. Please.


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